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Collections – Artist Statement
Mara Blom Schantz

As a child, I remember obsessively looking through the photography books so prevalent in our family home. Staring at each image searching for clues to the stories of the people and places documented became one of my favorite past times. Later, working alongside my parents in their studio and developing an affinity for the smell of fixer, I developed a love for telling stories of my own. Over the years, for my own pleasure, I have wandered the world with my camera in search of the vibrant, interesting, sad, crazy, strange people and objects that make us wonder. I am the ultimate people watcher. 

My intention is to produce the type of imagery that will evoke interest and spark conversation in your home and spaces. Each of these pieces is created with film and hand printed in my darkroom. Each image is limited in quantity with only a certain number of each size ultimately created. Each collectible portrait is signed and numbered. 


All pieces can be purchased by contacting the studio. Art galleries and representatives, please contact the studio for more information on how to show Mara’s work. 

All works are handprinted by Mara in the darkroom using the traditional processes of silver gelatin and archival toning on fiber paper. Each of the negatives are limited to a certain number of prints at each size and in total and are then retired. The total number of prints for each size is limited to 100 and are signed and numbered by Mara. Please Contact the studio to purchase your hand printed, limited edition work. 

Price Schedule (based upon longest side of print):
10 inch – $500
14 inch – $1000
20 inch – $2000
24 inch-  $3000