My Boy

I just had to submit a “Congratulations” ad for my son’s final yearbook in middle school (He will be graduating from eighth grade in May). As you might imagine, in order to put it together I had to sort through many images of him taken over the last 14 years. Above is one of my favorite images of him that I have. He was five years old and had just lost his two front teeth. He was excited about starting kindergarten. I remember his sweet laugh, loving nature and big hugs whenever I see this image. Since that time, we have experienced big teeth, braces, cell phones, facebook, a girlfriend, pimples, 100 pairs of shoes, good grades, bad grades, awards, disappointments and love. It is hard to believe that my first baby is a full fledged teenager and is heading to high school in the Fall. Time has passed so incredibly quickly for us. Unfortunately, my memory has been clouded by work, life, late nights with sick children, pregnancy, full calendars and some occasional (ha ha) wine drinking. I can’t imagine if I didn’t have the images to help me remember what it was like to have this very special little boy.

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