Let’s Go to the Beach!

I know it is not that hot yet so it is harder to think about leaving Arizona and heading over to California to get some cooler weather and beach time.  But, most schools are either out for summer vacation or will be out by the end of the month.  So, now is the time to… Continue reading Let’s Go to the Beach!

My Little Boy Grew Up!

My little boy is 18 today.  We are about to experience another transition.  He will soon graduate and go off to college to start his independent life away from me.  This is what I worked to prepare him to do and I am excited for him.  But, I am not sure I am ready to… Continue reading My Little Boy Grew Up!

Celebrate Yourself, Celebrate Your Beauty

This Valentine’s Day, I would like to help you celebrate yourself – not as you wish you were or with some crazy Mattel retouching, but exactly how you are (maybe with your hair and makeup done) – because that is perfect!   I photograph in a way that enhances your best assets and lets your… Continue reading Celebrate Yourself, Celebrate Your Beauty

This season let us help you Create Your Heirloom

This time of year is very busy for me as a photographer.  I have 15 family portrait sessions scheduled for November.  Fifteen sessions might not sound like a lot, but for the time I put in to each one, planning, executing and helping to choose just the right images and portrait products to meet expectations,… Continue reading This season let us help you Create Your Heirloom

Remembering TT

Life is fragile.  Time passes too quickly.  You can not plan everything so make the most of the what comes your way.  Celebrate those you love and have fun.  Dance and eat and laugh and hug.  Dress up in fun clothes.  Be nice to each other. I stood in the front of the church with… Continue reading Remembering TT

Let us help you Celebrate your Beauty!

How will you be remembered? Women are beautiful creatures and deserved to be celebrated for who they are – on their own, not defined by a husband, children or job.  Here are some of the recent portraits I have created to Celebrate the Beauty of Women.  Why not celebrate your own beauty?  Mari is beautiful,… Continue reading Let us help you Celebrate your Beauty!

Look Books are Here!

We are so excited to get our hard copies of The Look Book (Fall 2014)  in the studio today!  They will be going out tomorrow so look for them or ask if you would like one sent to you.  We had seven beautiful, talented, intelligent girls model clothes from the best local boutiques in the… Continue reading Look Books are Here!

What is the value of fine photography?

 Last month I had the pleasure of photographing this loving family again four years after I first met them.  They had moved to San Diego from Phoenix and time just got away.  But something happened this past spring that made them call me again.  There was a fire.  They had to evacuate their home.  As… Continue reading What is the value of fine photography?

I’m dreaming of this place…

A place where you drift in a quiet wooden dory boat at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, taking in the breathtaking sights, listening to the history of how the canyon was formed, flying through the rapids, stopping to explore and play in various caves,   hike up to side canyons to jump from cliffs, sun… Continue reading I’m dreaming of this place…

Happy Father’s Day!

Today is the day my mother died – five years ago to the day.  I miss her every day.  But, I am so lucky because I still have my dad here with me.  He is a great father.  He has taught me so much, not just about photography and business, but about life and living… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!