Happy Father’s Day!

Today is the day my mother died – five years ago to the day.  I miss her every day.  But, I am so lucky because I still have my dad here with me.  He is a great father.  He has taught me so much, not just about photography and business, but about life and living and loving.  He loves life and could so easily have shut down after his best friend and wife of 40 years died.  Instead, got out.  He joined a various groups, started working out every day and took a trip.  He lost 30 pounds and went on a river cruise to Russia.  He said yes to every invitation that came his way.  He decided to live and enjoy the rest of his life.  He decided to be happy, and he is.  He met a lovely woman who is now his wife.  For many people happiness is a decision.  Most of us don’t wake up feeling happy and great – maybe because of all the stuff that can and does happen in our lives.   However, those who make the decision to be happy, despite what has happened, are an inspiration.  My dad is one of them.

Me photographing my Dad on his graduation day from Brooks Institute of Photography, 1975.

I have had the privilege of photographing some very special fathers this year as part of my book project, A Celebration of Fatherhood.  These fathers come from every walk of life but each takes their role very seriously and their love for their children and commitment to fatherhood is obvious.  In this month of Father’s Day, I would like to recognize all of these great dads!   xoxo

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