My Little Boy Grew Up!

My little boy is 18 today.  We are about to experience another transition.  He will soon graduate and go off to college to start his independent life away from me.  This is what I worked to prepare him to do and I am excited for him.  But, I am not sure I am ready to have him not at home with me.  I really don’t know where all the years have gone.  They have flown by, really.  I remember when he was just a couple of months old and a mother with older kids told me to appreciate every minute because the time would pass very quickly.  Of course, I thought she was crazy because at that time every day seemed like it was 72 hours.  I was exhausted and couldn’t wait until nap times and bed times.  But, how right she was.   I am so glad that I have these images to actually remember exactly what it was like to have him with me and be his mother.  
He was the most cuddly baby.  He used to just nestle into me.  That snuggly front carrier was his favorite way to travel around – and mine too because I could do anything while I was wearing him – including cook dinner (probably not the safest thing).  He still gives the best hugs and doesn’t ever get embarrassed to do so, no matter who is watching.
He was and still is curious and thoughtful about everything around him – as long as it was/is to do with nature.

He loved to be outside, preferably without any clothes.
He was a little moody when things didn’t go his way.  That is because he feels deeply.  I remember how sad he was when his gram (my mother) died.  And he is still sensitive about it, and hugs me if I get emotional talking about her.  When his uncle died a year and a half ago, he wept openly at the service and was so kind and sweet to everyone who was also grieving.  

But he was/is quick to smile and laugh and was/is a fabulous big brother.  He was so proud when he his little brother was born and told everyone that it was his baby.  He has a great sense of humor.

Everything was a new adventure to him and he still has the most fun just experiencing life.

He loved the ocean – still his greatest passion.
That happy, happy smile melted my heart and still does.
Happiest at the beach and in the water.
Sensitive and kind to people.  He gives of himself to others without any reason other than because it is a good thing to do.  He has coached a third and fourth grade boys basketball team for the last three years (the first was for service hours and the last two were just because they needed more coaches).
He has the best smile in the world, even with braces.
Never cares about being cool, just does what he likes and treats others with kindness.
He loves quiet places, fishing and anything to do with water.  He was always obsessed with animals – as a small child he would watch (horribly boring) documentaries all the time.  He would always choose those over any type of cartoon or Disney movie.

He definitely has his own style, not caring what others think is hip or cool – he prefers old cars, bow ties, Hawaiian shirts, and old time rock and roll.
Happy Birthday Nick!  You are a great person and I can’t wait to see what you will do in your life.  You are kind and sweet and smart and funny.  It has been a pleasure watching you grow.  

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