Let’s Go to the Beach!

I know it is not that hot yet so it is harder to think about leaving Arizona and heading over to California to get some cooler weather and beach time.  But, most schools are either out for summer vacation or will be out by the end of the month.  So, now is the time to schedule your summer beach session.  I will be in Southern California for the month of July and have some dates still available.  It is a great time to have your family photographed.  Such a fun and relaxed way to document your family.  Whether you have small children, grown children or grandchildren, everyone has fun at the beach, even cowboys.  It shows in the images.  Here are some of my favorites from last summer:

Whether you are a cowboy or a hippie,

or have a very active little guy,

or littles and bigs and one in between,

or a sorority girl,

or an artist and a runner,

or are a father and son,

or a grandmother,

or sisters,

or a dancer,

are fun loving,

or contemplative,

or serious,

or are cousins,

or a family of five,

or a father and son,

or have a hard time paying attention,

or can’t sit still,

or you like to fly,

or like to laugh,

or you are a sister,

or a brother, 

or have curly hair,

or a dog,

or like to run,

or walk in the water, 

or feel a protective hand,

or you like to look toward the future,

or stay in the present, 

or you are shy,

or still love to feel your mother’s hugs, 

or like to walk your dog, 

or hug your dog, 

or you are intense,  

or quiet, 

or melancholy, 

or calm, 

or happy,

or a have a family of four, 

or three kids,

or someone who lost his teeth, 

or likes to run, 

or stand still,  

or can be calm,

or wild, 

or feel the wind,

and get wet,

or have a pet, 
or are family friends,

or best friends,

or three sisters, 
the beach is one of the best places to have you family documented!  Every family is unique and I am an expert at telling your story with the beach as your background. 

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