Sweet Days of Childhood…

Today was the first day of school for the last of the Phoenix, PV, Scottsdale schools to start. I think that all the kids are finally back to school in our area now. The first day of school is a right of passage and signals an end to the carefree, sleep late, swim in the dark, ride your skateboards down to the DQ, take a family beach trip days of summer. I always feel a little sad the first day of school because I know that it is another year closer to when my boys will move out and begin their real independent lives. It seems that every summer is shorter and every school year flies by faster and faster. My oldest son is a freshman this year and is way taller than me, and almost as tall as his dad. He is definitely a teenager, but, as you can see from the image above, he still has some of his old sweet self sitting just beneath the surface, occasionally coming forth just when I am about to really unload on him. So, with that on my mind, today as I was running my route along the Bridle Path and watching all of the school buses and carpools headed to school, I came upon a man pushing a double jogging stroller. We were stopped at a light and I told him that I used to do exactly what he was doing with my boys strapped in, usually on the way to drop one of them to preschool. I told him to pay attention because before he knew it they would be in high school. He looked at me with the kind of confused look that I used to give the mothers and fathers who would say just the same thing to me ten years ago (really, that long ago!?!). Well, guess what, it is true. I hope that you will try hard to savor and enjoy this time in your lives, amidst all of the daily hustle and bustle. That is why I love what I do so much. My beautiful, heirloom portraits help you to remember this time and the feeling of being a part of the wonderful experience that is your family. I know that there are photographers who are cheaper and trendier and give you the cd, but in ten years, the portraits that I create for you will be the ones that are still hanging in your home, the ones that you treasure, that help you to recall all the emotion of being a parent. How will you remember? Let me help you. Schedule your family portrait session before the end of September and save 50% on your session fee and 20% on your portrait order.

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