There Are A Thousand Futures…

My oldest, Nick and me (with John Henry on his way), by John Blom (my dad)
My little guy, John Henry and me, by Joyce Wilson
Both my little guys, by me

This past weekend I had a very special and emotional experience, and it made me realize how very quickly our lives go.  My little guys, who just yesterday were so small and needed me so much, will be gone off to start their own lives in just a couple of years.  We get one chance in our lives to be the people we should be, to be the friends, parents, humans we can be, to stop and listen to another’s fears, concerns, joys.  We have the choice to connect and care or to move through our days mindless of others.  

The following poem was a favorite of my mother.  I woke up yesterday morning hearing her reciting it and thought I would share.

There are a thousand futures
locked entwined
in futures you can claim
you pass and touch
a life
and leave a past where you will always be
you cross a million paths
and many times
you leave a moment clear
a crystal
hung in chandeliers
of times soft tinkling memories
you touch and change
pass and move
a dozen dozen lives with yours
And you
in turn
are touched
and moved
and passed and changed a thousand times.

You are a single thread
in woven cloth of life
you leave a trail
of broken threads
and patterns changed
of beauty born and lost again.

Author unknown

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