A Traveling Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to document your family! I will be at the beach for a few days in June, and the whole month of July!   It is the perfect place for your children to relax and be themselves.. To really document them at this special time in their young lives… To see… Continue reading A Traveling Summer!

Time to Schedule your Beach Session!

Don’t wait another year! I have heard so many people tell me they would LOVE to do a beach session but they need to lose a couple of pounds, or their family is so busy, or their kids are missing teeth, have braces, etc. There will always be reasons why not! But I will give… Continue reading Time to Schedule your Beach Session!

Schedule Your Beach Session!

Now is the time to schedule your beach sessions!  It is hot, school is almost out and we are all looking forward to getting out of here and heading to California for some cool weather and relaxation.  Don’t wait another year… make this the year you remember by scheduling your beach session.  If you schedule… Continue reading Schedule Your Beach Session!