Family Portraits Help Children’s Self Esteem

Years ago, most people had portraits of their family and children hanging in their homes.  Although some people went to very high-end studios and had beautiful portraits gracing the walls of their homes, not everyone had the most beautiful or the best quality portraits.  Some people went to chain studios like Olin Mills, but most… Continue reading Family Portraits Help Children’s Self Esteem

Celebrate Your Beauty

Valentine’s Day is about five weeks away.  Not that any of needs to think of the next holiday!  If you are like me, you are still trying to recover from Christmas and embrace the new year, maybe while feeling a little more worse for the wear.  I used to think Valentine’s Day was a silly,… Continue reading Celebrate Your Beauty

Care Card Kick Off Party

Please join us at our studio for a glass of wine (or two) to help kick off Care Card** Week (or ten days)! We will have Care Cards so don’t worry if you don’t have yours yet.  All guests will receive a complimentary $100 gift card to use toward a session, holiday cards, portraits, or… Continue reading Care Card Kick Off Party

Cherish Your Mothers

My beautiful mother (with her lipstick on as always) and my two sweet boys. This time of year is hard for me – as it is for anyone who might not have their mother with them any longer.  About this time of year, I start reliving the last six weeks of her life because she… Continue reading Cherish Your Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day!

 I would like to wish all of you mothers a very happy, special and loving day.  Mother’s Day is more than just a hallmark holiday.  It is a time to honor and celebrate the women among us who sacrifice what they want for our good; work at home and out; feed us; cook for us;… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

Get The Book!

I am so excited to have my first book available, featuring beautiful, moving portraits of children!  We have them available at Blueseeds Home, Mombomb, and at the studio.  They will be available at more locations soon!  I am now looking for models for my next book, A Celebration of Motherhood.  If you wold like to… Continue reading Get The Book!